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Council performance, statistics and spending

Safer communities performance information

Our aim is that "East Renfrewshire residents are safe and supported in their communities and homes." (SOA Outcome 4)

We work closely with our partners, including the Police, to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in East Renfrewshire. The theme of 'prevention' continues to run through the work we do, especially in the Community Warden team who deter instances of crime and anti-social behaviour by their high visibility across the area.

We are also committed to working with partner organisations to help support vulnerable residents to make positive life choices. We work with local businesses to ensure they implement the 'Challenge 25' scheme which aims to reduce the number of illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to young people in the area. In addition, we work with Alcohol Focus Scotland to implement a community development approach to alcohol related harm in Neilston.

It is important that we develop our approach to self directed support, which focuses on an individual's needs and provides services which are proactive in tackling issues early on rather than dealing with a crisis. The Health and Social Care Partnership works in partnership to support carers by raising awareness, implementing a carer's assessment tool and improving the range of respite care available.

The infographics below demonstrate how we're performing against SOA Outcome 4.

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found in the following document;

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