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Council performance, statistics and spending

How much are we spending on council services?

Detailing the planned spend on council services

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Each year East Renfrewshire Council spends over £200m on services aimed at improving the lives of residents across East Renfrewshire.

We have produced a leaflet which will give you an idea of how much each service costs to deliver and how many people use that service. We can't cover each service in detail but we hope by presenting this information to you in a way that tries to avoid jargon, you can get a feel for the cost of delivering our services. We will update the leaflet every 2 years.

We have organised the information in the leaflet by our 5 priorities which we call outcomes.  These outcomes are about how the quality of life for all our residents can be improved but with a particular emphasis on supporting the most vulnerable in our society. Our outcomes are in chronological order starting with early years and finishing with how we support older people.

The next few years are not going to be easy.  Budgets will be reduced in real terms and there is a growing demand for many of our services due to an increasing population generally. In particular we expect a big increase in the number of older people. Life expectancy in East Renfrewshire is amongst the highest in Scotland which means we have many people over 85 who need some support to live independently.

We hope you will find the information useful and will use it as background information when commenting on our budget proposals for future years.  We welcome any feedback on the leaflet (using the contact details at the top right of this page).

Lorraine McMillan (Chief Executive)

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