Strategic Planning Group

Information about the Health and Social Care Partnership's Strategic Planning Group.

What we do

The role of the Strategic Planning Group (SPG) is to:

  • review detailed business cases and change plans on behalf of the Integration Joint Board (IJB)
  • communicate to the IJB that there's been appropriate discussion and engagement in line with the statutory responsibilities of the IJB for any service changes
  • look at the planning structures and provide assurance to the IJB that planning mechanisms exist within the partnership and between key stakeholders
  • provide a forum for discussion of emerging themes and initiatives that arise following the completion of the strategic plan
  • receive updated Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and performance information, which may affect the Strategic Plan's annual review
  • collaborate on the production of future strategic plans
  • oversee the delivery of the strategic plan on behalf of the IJB


The SPG includes representation from:

  • HSCP
  • IJB voting members
  • Housing
  • Carers service
  • Third and Independent sectors
  • GPs
  • Users of services
  • Carers of users of services
  • Planning, commissioning and improvement support
Last modified on 13 October 2022