Vehicle testing and inspections

Information about vehicle testing and inspections.

All vehicles must pass a vehicle inspection in order to become a taxi or private hire vehicle.

A vehicle must have:

  • a current MOT certificate if over 1 year old for a taxi vehicle licence
  • a minimum of 4 doors
  • minimum rear seat measurement of 1220mm and adequate size of seating for adults if carrying more than 4 passengers
  • boot space to carry at least 2 medium sized suitcases
  • a DVLA Registration Document in your name or a letter of authority from the owner/registered keeper
  • a vehicle inspection pass certificate
  • taxi or private hire insurance (obtained before the licence is granted, but is not required at application stage)
  • the ability to transport a person in a wheelchair in safety and reasonable comfort as well as type approval for wheelchair use

Vehicles not meeting these specifications may be acceptable, but this must be discussed with us in advance of any application or financial commitment.

Vehicle testing and inspection1 April 2020 to 31 March 20211 April 2021 to 31 March 2022
Inspection (annual) (admin)£29£30
Partial retest£13£13.50
ID badge replacement£13£13.50
Vehicle substitution£57£58
Licence variation£57£58
Front vehicle licence plate inserts£8.50£8.50
Rear vehicle licence plate inserts£9.50£9.50
Number plate bracket kit£9.50£.950
Number plate bracket rigid bridge kit£4.50£4.50
Number plate platform kit flat£6.50£6.50
Platform flexiplate kit size 2£8.50£8.50
Platform flexiplate kit size 4£9.50£9.50
Strapping accessory kit£6.50£6.50
Quick release button and key set£2£2
No smoking sticker£3£3
Tariff sheet (optional) £4£4.50

Booking an inspection

You must book your vehicle in for an inspection and provide the vehicle inspection pass certificate before lodging an application for a taxi or private hire car licence.

Inspection appointments are available Tuesday to Thursday from 8am until 2.45pm.

Phone Customer Services on 0141 577 3005 to book your vehicle in for the inspection.

How to prepare for your inspection

Make sure:

  • a fire extinguisher is secured in the boot or driver's footwell of the vehicle
  • front and rear plate fixings are attached to the vehicle
  • a tariff sheet is displayed if there's a meter fitted

Other than a fire extinguisher, the above items can be purchased from Customer Services on 0141 577 3005 or through your local council office.

Vehicle retests

If your vehicle has been inspected, but failed to pass, the testing centre will advise you on what happens next This may be free of charge within 24 hours, in which case the depot will arrange your next appointment with you direct.

Vehicle substitutions

If you change your vehicle or it becomes unsuitable for use you can apply for a substitution. There's a fee for this, which will include the new plates.

The new vehicle will also require vehicle testing, unless it carries a valid East Renfrewshire Council (ERC) Pass Certificate from within the last 12 months.

Please note, you can't substitute a private hire vehicle onto a taxi vehicle licence without it passing a full inspection.

You should note that when transferring a vehicle from one licence to another, a change of vehicle application form (substitution) will need to be lodged for both licences on the same day.

Icon for pdf Download the private hire vehicle substitution form [98.12KB].

To submit your application, bring the completed form along with supporting documents (detailed in the form) to your local council office.

Last modified on 19 March 2021