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Whitelee windfarm

Interest groups

Information on what Whitelee and the ranger service can offer interest groups.

group visit to Whitelee

Visit Whitelee

Whitelee windfarm is a great location for a visit with groups of all sizes and interests. Whether you are a youth group, church, natural history interest group, or social group, there is plenty to explore at Whitelee. The Visitor Centre is open between February and December and is a great day out with free entry and access to the exhibition hall, shop and cafe. Groups are also welcome to explore the many kilometres of tracks and trails at their leisure whether it is on foot or by bicycle. Groups planning to visit can enhance the experience by requesting one of the Whitelee countryside rangers to accompany the group to provide knowledge of the site, act as a guide or field questions.

How to book a visit (or have us visit you)

Do you want to know more about the flora and fauna of Eaglesham Moor, or perhaps you have some questions about where you can go walking, cycling and horse riding in the area.

Whitelee Giffnock Guides Photograph

A visit to the windfarm, or further information, can be requested by completing the group visit request form and clicking the 'submit this form button'.

You can use the same form to ask the Whitelee countryside rangers to come to your club or group meeting and provide information about Whitelee, its habitats, wildlife or access opportunities. A visit can be requested where a ranger will come out to meet your group and provide a presentation or talk to suit your requirements.

Alternatively you can contact the countryside rangers directly.

Groups from East Ayrshire

Crown Estates Group Visit Photograph

Groups from East Ayrshire should contact the Countryside Ranger Service at Dean Castle if they wish to arrange a ranger led session at Whitelee. 

Information for visiting groups

The countryside rangers are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have that will help to make your group visit to Whitelee more enjoyable. They can provide information on many topics including:

  • Route choices: whether you want to walk one mile around the Visitor Centre or 10 miles across the whole site, there are a whole host of possibilities available at Whitelee for you to explore and the rangers are best placed to provide accurate route advice for an enjoyable trip to Whitelee
  • Operational activity: as Whitelee is an operating windfarm and commercial forest, there may, at times, be operational activities affecting access on site in certain areas. The rangers will have all of this up to date information, and are available for groups to contact before their planned visit to ensure a well planned trip.

For information on the visitor centre opening hours and booking a visitor centre session please contact the Whitelee Visitor Centre:

Guided Walks for Groups

Groups can request the presence of one of the Whitelee Countryside Rangers to accompany them on a walk around the site. The ranger will lead a guided walk for the group and provide additional information in areas of interest such as: 

  • Wildlife and biodiversity - from plant hunting to bird watching
  • Planning, mitigation and construction
  • Countryside management and land-use
  • Habitat management and restoration
  • Outdoor access and recreation
  • Ecology
  • Outdoor access and recreation

Alternatively, the rangers are happy to accompany groups to provide commentary on the plants and animals encountered in the windfarm and can lead groups to specific wildlife hotspots etc. 

Duke of Edinburgh

For groups undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme Whitelee provides a great resource with its unique wild character and exposed position on Eaglesham Moor, but which is close to population centres and easily accessible. The site has been used extensively for the expedition branch of the bronze award with plenty of opportunities for groups to lead their expeditions alone whilst being monitored by supervisors from the 99 miles of windfarm and forest tracks and numerous vantage points afforded to them across the site. Whether the start point is East Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire or East Ayrshire, there is plenty of space available to be explored and the countryside rangers are available to offer advice and help on route planning and exploration. The rangers can also offer advice on suitable campsites where ground conditions are drier and areas are less exposed.

If you wish to use the site for a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, it is requested that you contact the countryside rangers to ensure there is no conflict with maintenance works, felling operations or events activity across the site.

John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places that encourages participants to explore and become engaged with areas. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration. For any groups about to embark on the John Muir Award Scheme, Whitelee is a great wild place to explore and can work as the focus for a group undertaking this award. The countryside rangers are available to give advice and help to plan field trips and activities which will enable youngsters to complete the award successfully.

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