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Whitelee windfarm

Whitelee latest news

All the latest news, wildlife sightings and event reports from Whitelee Windfarm and the surrounding area.

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WCRS Event Guide

Our 2018 events programme is available now. Printed copies can be found at the Whitelee Visitor Centre, local libraries and in the leaflet dispensers at the site gate.

Event table Free Whitelee Ranger Service Events

Ranger Roundup - A Year At Whitelee

  • Friday 7th December
  • 1pm - 2.30pm
  • Whitelee visitor centre
  • Drop-in event

A presentation showcasing the work of the rangers over the year - and a great chance to ask any questions regarding the windfarm.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for photos, event updates and more.

Muddy Monsters


Muddy Monsters is a new pre-school club being run by the Whitelee Countryside Rangers for children between 2 - 5 years old and their parents/guardians. The aim of the group is to get young children and their adults outside enjoying nature through games, songs, stories and play. This year saw the first sessions and they were a great success with lots of happy kids and parents taking part. The group meet the second Thursday each month from 1pm - 2pm at the Whitelee Visitor Centre and each session will cover a different theme.

Whitelee Monster Mash


A fun and frightening night was had by all who attended the annual Halloween event on Friday 26th. The rangers had concocted a mix of spooky games and activities alongside the visitor centre staff - with some of them being truly gruesome! The fearless also headed out on spooky walks into the windfarm and were suitably spooked and let out some almighty screams in the night as the rangers, aided by some sinister volunteers, provided some scares along the way. All the festivities, costumes and capers certainly would have warded off any would be ghosts or ghouls in the area!

Run The Blades - The Night One


Run The Blades was back at Whitelee on the 19th October, just at night this time! Around 230 runners took to the tracks, starting from turbine 40 and heading off towards the Spine Road and then onto the Lochgoin dam path before making the long trek back to the finish line, to complete the 10K route. Thankfully on the night the weather cleared after a miserable day and it was perfect for running.

As the runners came round onto the dam wall path they made a spectacular sight, forming a long snake of light winding its way over the path and further on into the windfarm - as each runner was led by their head-torch.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the run in the night and incredibly rather than slowing the competitors down, the front runner came in 3 minutes faster than this years 10K winner in the daylight! The winning time was an impressive 34 minutes 28 seconds.

With the number of happy finishers leaving site by 9.30pm it's almost certain that the event will run again in 2019.

Syrian Refugee Visit


Last Tuesday we had a visit from a group of Syrian refugee families to Whitelee, their first ever time at a windfarm. The previous week one of the rangers gave them a Powerpoint presentation about the site, its technology and wildlife and the visit was following on from this. The group were fascinated by the wind turbine technology and questions centred on whether it could be used in developing countries to provide affordable and sustainable energy.

Sadly the weather on the day of the visit to the windfarm was suitably awful for Whitelee in October but the group enjoyed a ranger led walk into site, followed by lunch and various activities for the children to do with their parents led by the visitor centre staff.

Run The Blades 2018


1025 trail runners hit the tracks at Whitelee in the 3rd year of 'run the blades'. Held over 2 days on July 20th and 21st this was yet again the biggest event the windfarm has accommodated, as well as the most extreme, and the event is now a firm favourite on the Scottish running calendar. Everything was bigger this year with more runners, more cars and a bigger event village, this year with hot food and drinks vans for spectators - and there were more of them too! The weather over the 2 days was mixed as always but on the whole, it was better than previous years.

The first race of the event was on the Friday evening and 640 runners took off from the start line at turbine 53, weaving their way along the windfarm tracks, out to cross the Lochgoin dam path before breaking for the finish line. The winner crossed the line in an amazing 37 minutes 25 seconds, 24 seconds faster than the 2017 winner. Saturday saw the half marathon and 50K runs taking place and after a long slog the first half marathon runner came in in 1 hour 18 minutes and 45 seconds. In the 50K race, the winner crossed the line in 3 hours 25 minutes and 53 seconds, taking an incredible 1 hour and 18 minutes off last years winners time.

The event was such a huge success, there will now also be a 'flashmob' (10K) night run this October that was booked out in just 3 days! The time for the 50K race continues to fall as the event attracts more runners...what will 2019 bring?

Boggy Beasties Fully Booked


Please note our Boggy Beasties sessions are now fully booked and we can only take additional bookings to be placed on our reserve list in the event of cancellations.

Spring Has Arrived...And So Have Our Summer Visitors


The past week has seen a slight increase in temperatures at the windfarm, bringing with it the start of Spring. Birds such as Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe), Swallow (Hirundo rustica), House Martin (Delichon urbicum), Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) and Curlew (Numenius arquata) have all recently returned from their wintering grounds and been seen. The resident Ravens (Corvus corax) have been spotted displaying and carrying nesting materials and there's a real buzz around the place as bumblebees and butterflies have been recorded. Frogs, toads and newts were seen returning to their breeding ponds weeks ago and their eggs will now be fully developed or even hatching - which unfortunately for them will provide valuable protein for various predators. There will be lots more springtime activity going on through the site so it's time to get out and explore with the camera.

Eggstatic Easter


The weather was kind and the eggs got rolled on Easter Sunday with between 150 - 200 people coming along and taking part.

The rangers had a busy Easter Sunday with loads of families visiting the site and enjoying the weather but also taking part in the family-friendly Easter games - that got them a reward of a hard-boiled egg to decorate and later roll. The rangers had ~110 boiled eggs and by the end of the day only a couple were left, the rest coming to a shattered end on the track down to turbine 40. The remains of the eggs were not wasted however and the leftovers were placed on a bird feeding station next to the visitor centre - that was swiftly visited and rapidly cleared of eggs by the pair of Ravens (Corvus corax) that are routinely seen in the area.

There were lots of happy families and more importantly, happy children, pleased at their destructive efforts with their eggs - and even happier when the rangers traded them their leftovers for a chocolate egg!

Crafty Carving


Sunday didn't turn into the sunny day we expected that didn't matter to our group of crafty carvers as they whittled, planed and shaped wood into spoons, spatulas, butter knives and wands fit for a warlock or witch. Led by a local spoon carving wizard in the form of Craig Ramsay along with Whitelee's resident spoon carving ranger, the group got a run through of all the different tools, knives, techniques and cheats for carving with green wood before getting set loose on some pre-prepared blanks or templates. After about 5 minutes a pin could be heard hitting floor, such was the silence and concentration of everyone - the day was long, but only so that no-one felt rushed and it was expected that everyone would leave on completion of their freshly carved creation - but many stayed on to try something else, revelling in their new skills.

Lunch was cut short as everyone came back early, eager to get going again and after some initial chat, the silence of carving fell again. Thankfully there were no real injuries aside of the odd nick and the group were surprised at how quickly and easily they took to working with green wood. By the end of the day everyone left laden with spoons and other freshly crafted creations and a new batch of green wood workers have hopefully been encouraged.

First Signs of Spring


The first Colt's-foot (Tussilago farfara) of 2018 has been seen sprouting next to the ranger cabin at the windfarm. This the earliest we've found it, except for 2016, but unfortunately the plant has been tricked - because spring certainly is not here yet! If you're visiting and wondering what this plant looks like - its flowers appear first, before the leaves, which earned it the old name of 'sons before fathers'. The flower is a gorgeous eggy-yellow colour that stands out at this time of year. Check out our phenology page for details of other species that we record the appearance dates of.

Lochgoin Mini Array (Turbines 1 - 5 & 7)


Visitors to this area are requested to keep in mind that the entrance to the array where parking generally takes place, and the lay-by's in this area, are not within the windfarm and are private land. Vehicle access to this area is not included in normal access rights and the ability to park here is by landowner permission only.

Recent incidents of inconsiderate parking blocking access to the array and impinging on the use of the road to Lochgoin Farm could result in the loss of vehicle access to this area. Visitors are reminded that vehicle access is not included in rights afforded by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. If visiting this area and bringing a vehicle - please park sensibly and considerately and do not block access to gates, the array or anywhere else. If on arriving, the area is busy with cars - please consider going somewhere else or parking at the Whitelee visitor centre and walking over. Do not move or ignore access restrictions that can be in the form of road cones, fencing and signage.

Failure to park sensibly and considerately could result in the loss of vehicle access in this area. 

2018 Events Guide Out Now


Our 2018 events guide is out now and full of our usual mix of fun family events, guided walks, nature activities and crafts - and all free to take part in. You can download the guide and printed copies will be available from the Whitelee Visitor Centre and local libraries in East Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire and East Ayrshire soon.

pdf icon Whitelee country ranger events guide 2018 [468kb]

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