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Whitelee windfarm

Nursery and primary school groups

Nursery and primary school groups can take part in an environmental education session with the countryside rangers at Whitelee windfarm or through outreach work.

Eaglesham Kids Club

Classroom groups are welcome to visit  Whitelee and can spend some time with the countryside rangers who will lead a guided walk and provide associated activities and fun games to help develop understanding of a particular theme.

Sessions generally begin at the Whitelee Visitor Centre (but the rangers can meet groups at the other entrances), and the length of individual sessions can vary from 1 hour up to 2 hours, depending on the project, size and age of the group.  All environmental education sessions run by the Whitelee Countryside Rangers are provided free of charge.

We ask that each group chooses a theme for the session to focus on, based on a current or upcoming school project.  Sessions can be tailored to the requirements of an individual group but some guidance on available themes are listed below.

How to book an activity

Whitelee Canada Geese on Lochgoin Photograph

Contact the ranger service or download and submit the request form in the Related documents area.

East Ayrshire Schools

Schools from East Ayrshire should contact the Countryside Rangers at Dean Castle if they wish to arrange a ranger led session at Whitelee. 

Options available to nursery groups are:

  • Wildlife and ecology - plants, bugs, birds, mammals etc
  • Sensory exploration
  • Wind, water, soil etc systems
  • Environmental art
  • Minibeast/Insect ecology - using age appropriate scientific field sampling techniques
  • Senses - exploring the use of sight, hearing and smell in nature
  • Wind - carrying our simple wind experiments to understand the power of the wind
  • Environmental Arts - using various art mediums to create environmental art

Options available to primary school groups are:

  • Peatbog habitat - STEM worksheet session investigating peatbog formation
  • Minibeasts: this hands on session uses techniques such as pitfall trapping and sweep netting to find and examine mini beasts of all shapes and sizes and then identify them.
  • Senses: undertaking a number of fun games and activities, participants in this session find out how sight, smell, hearing and other senses are used everyday in nature
  • Habitats and Homes: exploring different habitats and homes is the focus for this session, to learn about challenges and adaptations facing all kinds of organisms
  • Wind and Water: activities are based around the water cycle and wind patterns with an aim of understanding more about global geographical processes with links to green energy
  • Creative Environmental Arts: art based session uses different art mediums, natural substances and recycling techniques to make environmental art
  • Sustainability: based around activities that encourage discussion and thought about sustainable living and how the actions of humans affect the world in different ways.  This session is one for the older age group as it helps to develop an understanding of global sustainability and discussion techniques.

Host a visit/Outreach Work

If you cannot visit Whitelee most of the above topics can be offered during a ranger service visit in-school.  The rangers can visit nursery and primary schools anywhere within 2 of the council areas connected with Whitelee (East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire) and can to a lesser extent, visit schools in close proximity to the windfarm. Schools from East Ayrshire should contact the Countryside Ranger Service at Dean Castle for in-school help.

Kids activity at Whitelee

The rangers can also come out to speak in the classroom on a wide variety of topics such as wildlife/biodiversity, ecology, sustainability, conservation etc. or can assist with school projects both in or outside the classroom, providing expert help and guidance on a variety of topics to pupils, teachers and volunteers/parents alike. Please contact the rangers to discuss your requirements.

Eco-School work

The Whitelee countryside rangers are happy to offer advice and activities to support the work of Eco-Schools or can provide help and advice to schools working towards their Green Flag. This can take a number of forms and can be tailored to suit the needs and aims of individual schools and groups. Examples of the kind of services offered within a school include:

  • Making and erecting bird feeders/bird boxes/insect homes/ amphibian homes
  • Activities based on the ten topics within the Eco-School programme: Litter, Waste Minimisation, Water, Energy, Biodiversity, Health and Well-Being, School Grounds, Transport, Sustaining Our World , Food and the Environment
  • Practical advice on developing school grounds. e.g. garden development advice, outdoor learning etc.
  • Help with the 7 elements of the Eco-Schools program

What are Eco-Schools?

The Eco-Schools programme is an international initiative and is established in over 50 countries so far. The Eco-Schools programme is an environmental management tool, learning resource and recognised award with over 3600 Scottish schools participating in the scheme. The programme is based on seven elements, encouraging the whole school to work together to achieve positive environmental benefits and awareness. Throughout these seven elements, there are ten topics for the schools to work through and apply for the Bronze, and Silver awards, with the aim of ultimately achieving the Green Flag award.

Whitelee Visitor Centre educational workshop

The Visitor Centre at Whitelee has a suite of educational packages available to school groups wishing to visit Whitelee. These educator led packages compliment the environmental education offered by the countryside rangers and are available for pupils from P2 to S2. A downloadable PDF with package details, prices and booking information is available from the related document area of this page. The visitor centre can be contacted directly for further information and booking.

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