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Whitelee windfarm

College and university groups

Information for College and University groups planning a visit to Whitelee Windfarm.

Student visit to Whitelee

College and University Groups

Whitelee is a great place to visit with college or university students on a field trip. Aside from the free visitor centre with information on green energy and renewable technologies the wider site can be used for further study. Whether the project focus is renewable energy, countryside recreation and management, environmental studies or natural history there is plenty to explore at Whitelee. Groups are welcome to access the site and run their own activities or can contact the Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service for a guided walk or activity.

Guided walks

College and University groups can request the presence of a countryside ranger whilst on their visit to Whitelee windfarm. The ranger will lead a guided walk around the site giving more detail and information to the group with the aim of enhancing the students experience.

Whitelee Craigendunton Photograph

The rangers can discuss topics relating to Whitelee including;

  • Planning, mitigation and construction
  • Countryside management and land-use
  • Habitat management and restoration
  • Outdoor access and recreation
  • Ecology - flora and fauna

Field studies

The Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service can lead sessions on field studies, utilising the unique peat bog habitat for example to explore various methodologies, survey techniques and reporting processes employed in ecological and environmental surveys. e.g. Phase-1 and N.V.C. survey, river corridor survey methods, wildlife survey methods

Question and answer

Where it is not possible to arrange a site visit and ranger led guided walk, college and university students have the opportunity to ask questions on project topics that the countryside rangers may be able to answer or offer advice and help on researching. The countryside rangers are happy to field any questions that are relevant to the various activities at Whitelee and will do their best to answer questions fully as possible. The rangers are also available to visit colleges and universities within the 3 council areas that they cover (East Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire and East Ayrshire.)

Examples of question topics include:

  • Flora and fauna - survey, mitigation, management, conservation
  • Upland habitats and peat bog ecosystems
  • Scottish Outdoor Access Code
  • Whitelee history
  • Countryside management and land-use

In order to submit a question for answer; please complete the Q&A form from the related document box and return this by  e-mail to the rangers. This can be done by clicking the 'submit this form' button at the top of the form or by using the contact details as shown in the contact box on this page.

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