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Whitelee windfarm

Your wildlife sightings

Report your wildlife sightings and observations to the rangers or request wildlife identification help.

owl perched at Whitelee

The countryside rangers are keen to hear from visitors with their wildlife sightings, observations and questions. Within the Wildlife Guides page of the website you will find some simple identification guides that have been developed for the windfarm to help you start identifying and recording what you see. Please use our word icon wildlife sightings form [186kb] to record your observations when out in the windfarm and return this to us so that we can continue to build up knowledge of the biodiversity of the site.

Recording Your Sighting

When out in the windfarm, if you spot any plants or animals of interest to you and that you wish to find out more about then please record the details and ask the rangers. When recording wildlife try to collect as much information as possible such as:

  • Location of record/observation - including a OS (Ordnance Survey), grid reference if possible
  • What you seen - a description of the plant or animal seen. Please include as much detail as possible on such things as size, colour, what it was on (plants etc.), if an insect or bird etc.
  • Photographs - if you have a camera (or camera phone), try to get a photo. Place an item such as a coin or something recognisable next to what you are photographing so that its possible to determine the scale
  • Description of what was seen - such as details of the animals behaviour or if a plant, what soil it was growing on if known

Ask The Rangers

The Whitelee rangers are keen to hear of your wildlife experiences from out and about on the windfarm. If you have any queries then please email us and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as we can.


For more information on how to identify wildlife go to the links in the External websites box to the right.

Wildlife Casualties

As with any working windfarm there can inevitably be occasional wildlife casualties. If you should witness a bird strike a turbine or building for example or see any dead or injured animals at Whitelee please contact the countryside rangers and/or the Whitelee Control Point and let them know. If possible please pass on as much information as possible. Please do not approach injured animals however as they may strike out. In addition - never handle dead or injured animals. We would rather you recorded the sighting in as much detail as possible and left the animal in-situ for collection by staff with suitable gloves and equipment:

  • what you observed in as much detail as possible
  • exact time of the incident/sighting
  • where the incident or dead animal was seen (please provide as much detail as you can and include the number of the nearest turbine and/or an ordnance survey grid reference if possible)
  • the animal species if known. alternatively please provide as much descriptive information as possible on plumage, size, colour, markings etc.
  • photos - if you have a camera please take some close up photos from different angles. If possible please pay particular attention to photographing the head and any distinguishing markings. Include an identifiable object in the photos if possible, to indicate scale
  • weather conditions at the time (e.g. thick fog, heavy rain etc.)
  • any other information you feel relevant (i.e. bird was being chased by a raptor)

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