Who pays council tax?

Responsibility for paying council tax on a property depends on your circumstances, check if it's you.

Council tax needs to be paid on all domestic properties.

The following individuals are normally responsible for paying the bill:

  1. Owner, if they live in the property
  2. Tenant living in the property
  3. Sub-tenant living in the property
  4. Anyone else living in the property
  5. Leaseholder
  6. Anyone else with the right to live in the property
  7. Owner, if the property is empty

Joint owners or tenants

Two people can be responsible for council tax.

If 2 or more owners are tenants, both are responsible for paying council tax. 

For couples who live together, both are responsible for the other person's council tax.

There's only one council tax bill for each property. 

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Last modified on 5 May 2020

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