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East Renfrewshire: Your Council, Your Future

Watch our short film and learn more about the council and its work.

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It takes you on a journey of a day-in-the-life of the work we do and the services we provide for our residents.

Our corporate statement East Renfrewshire: Your Council, Your Future is a key document which lets residents and our staff know our priorities for the future and what we are working with our partners to achieve over the next four years.

You can read our corporate statement in full:

Our corporate statement sets out the key areas we are working towards to deliver a better future and make positive changes for our residents - from early childhood through to older years - and how we aim to improve our services and the local area for all our communities.

It also shows how we will contribute to the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) - the 5 positive outcomes we have agreed to deliver with our Community Planning partners (e.g. NHS, Police and Fire) to ensure:

  • Children in East Renfrewshire experience a stable and secure start to their lives and are supported to succeed;
  • East Renfrewshire residents are fit and active and have the skills for learning, life and work;
  • East Renfrewshire is a thriving, attractive and sustainable place for residents and businesses to grow;
  • East Renfrewshire residents are safe and supported in their communities and homes;
  • Older people in East Renfrewshire are valued; their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives for longer.

This corporate statement and the priorities were approved in December 2013. Since then the council has further developed its priorities for change. You can find out more at:

You can find out how well the council is performing in delivering on our outcomes by visiting:

If you would like any further information about the corporate statement (or have any feedback or suggestions) please contact the policy and improvement unit:

Policy and Improvement
Tel: 0141 577 3660

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