Council house upgrade project underway

We've begun works to upgrade and improve council houses across the area.


Published 21 February 2022

New high quality kitchens will be installed in 200 homes between now and March next year as part of our ambitious capital improvement programme, which highlights our pledge to continually improving its housing stock.

In addition to the new kitchens, 150 new windows and 90 new external doors will be installed, as well as 60 new bathrooms. 180 homes will have boilers and central heating systems upgraded to more energy efficient systems and 100 homes will have their water supply changed from storage tank to mains supply.

As part of the our commitment to improve the energy efficiency of tenants' homes, the roof and render programme also continues. The installation of insulated render, in place of normal render where possible, reduces heat loss and improves energy efficiency of the building.

This innovation is contributing to our Get to Zero strategy where the goal is improve the energy efficiency of our homes as well as other tenures across East Renfrewshire.

Housing and Maintenance Convener, Councillor Danny Devlin said: 'I am delighted to see these improvements for our tenants get underway. It is really important for us to keep on making improvements on our council houses so that we provide safe, high quality and energy efficient homes for the people of East Renfrewshire. I look forward to seeing the programme continue and our tenants reap the benefits of the improvements.'

Last modified on 3 March 2022