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Whitelee windfarm

Orienteering, geocaching and munzee

Fancy making your visit a little more challenging? Find out about other ways to enjoy the scenery on foot.

Whitelee from the air showing the mix of moorland, forest and wind turbines

Site Map/Routes

For a site map and popular route guides for all pursuits please see our  Route Maps page.

The pdf icon map of whitelee [4Mb] shows the variety of the paths around the windfarm, if you want to choose your own route around the site.  Every turbine is numbered both onsite and on the map, making navigation easier and it is recommended to always take a copy of the map with you if exploring Whitelee off the main routes.


There are 4 orienteering courses installed around Lochgoin Reservoir at the western end of Whitelee and starting from the visitor centre. These are all open for use by members of the public, groups such as cubs and scouts, as well as orienteering clubs etc.

  • 2.4km beginners course, ideal for beginners / children
  • 4.4km intermediate course
  • 6km advanced course
  • 10km challenging course

Maps for the courses are available free of charge from the Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service or from the Whitelee visitor centre. The maps are also available to download from our Route Map page. Please follow the instructions on the map download to print them to the correct scale. The codes for the orienteering posts are also available as a PDF document.

If your school, orienteering club or scout / guide group etc. would like to make use of the courses to run an orienteering event at Whitelee for example, please contact the countryside rangers to discuss your plans and for assistance in organising it.

Geocaching and Munzee

Whitelee contains a number of geochaches and munzee's, placed in the site by enthusiasts as well as by the Whitelee Ranger Service.

For anyone new to these recreational past times, they are a form of modern day treasure / scavenger hunting that use a Global Positioning System (GPS), receiver or mobile device / smart phone to navigate to locations to hunt for hidden caches or munzee's. Geocaching and Munzee are international games that can be enjoyed by anyone with a GPS or smart phone and are a great fun way for the whole family to explore new areas of the windfarm.


As well as using GPS coordinates to reach the general area of a cache - the game also includes clues to aid in finding the hidden cache. Geocaches can contain 'trackable' items that are placed there by other geocachers and that can have travelled around the world before reaching the cache. There are also different forms of caches including traditional caches, puzzle caches, event caches etc.

The Ranger Service have placed 5 caches around Whitelee but there are many more to be found. For further information on this fun pastime, that's also a great way to explore the windfarm, please visit the 'external websites' section of this page.


Munzee is a modern day form of scavenger hunting and is simpler than geocaching for example. Instead of finding a hidden cache, the scavenger hunter downloads the Munzee app and uses it with their GPS device or smartphone to search for and locate hidden 'munzee's'. These are recognisable game tags that contain QR (Quick Response), codes that are scanned to score points.

The Ranger Service have placed a number of munzee's around the windfarm but there are many more to be found. For further information on this family friendly form of scavenger hunting, that's also a great way to explore new areas of the windfarm, please visit the 'external websites' section of this page.

Path Conditions

Please be aware that track conditions vary through the site. Monitoring of the track quality and a maintenance program is continually carried out by Scottish Power Renewables but there will always be sections on some tracks that are better suited to certain activities.  Some smaller paths are maintained by the countryside rangers. For further information on track conditions please contact the rangers.

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