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Whitelee windfarm

Cycling at Whitelee

Cycling lets you cover longer distances in the windfarm and with over 100 miles / 159km of tracks there's a lot to explore. The tracks and trails are ideally suited to more rugged bike designs such as mountain bikes and BMXs (although we've seen everything from racing bikes to children's bikes with stabilisers), using the routes.

The plans show where you can find core paths

Site Map/Routes

For a site map and popular route guides for all pursuits please see our  Route Maps page.

The pdf icon map of whitelee [4Mb] shows the variety of the paths around the windfarm, if you want to choose your own route around the site.  Every turbine is numbered both onsite and on the map, making navigation easier and it is recommended to always take a copy of the map with you if exploring Whitelee off the main routes.


The tracks are generally well surfaced and wide enough to allow groups to ride 3 and 4 abreast, making it a perfect location for family groups. Please note that the Weavers Trail Right of Way is unsurfaced, if considering cycling it, and sections are over soft peat where it's advisable to dismount and push your bike. The route will be upgraded to a surfaced route in time - please check the website for updates or ask the countryside rangers for further information.

The windfarm provides a safe place to enjoy and explore but please be aware that site operations mean that vehicles may occasionally be encountered. Whilst site vehicles are restricted to a slow 19mph we advise cyclists to ride sensibly and be careful at junctions and blind rises etc.

If visiting with a bike please ensure it is well serviced and fit for the trip. We also recommend carrying spares / repair kit with you during your trip, especially if you are planning to travel far.

Our WCRS Bike Safety Help-sheet is available to download from the Related documents section and gives some useful bike maintenance tips.

Mountain Biking

The windfarm offers some excellent trails specifically designed for mountain bikes. You can find out more at:

Electric Bicycles

The use of electrically assisted bicycles is permitted under the rights conferred by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code as long as the cycle is compliant with current UK and EU guidelines. The specification for an electrically assisted bicycle to qualify are that it should:

  • Be fitted with a motor with a power of no more than 250w
  • Provide a maximum assisted speed (i.e. the speed at which motor assistance is automatically cut off) of no more than 25 km/h (roughly 15.5 mph)
  • Not be fitted with a full speed throttle that can work 'independently' (that is without the pedals 'moving forward'). Start Up Assist throttles (those that assist up to 6 km/h) are allowed
  • Be ridden without any minimum age limit

Path conditions

Please be aware that track conditions vary through the site. Monitoring of the track quality and a maintenance program is continually carried out by Scottish Power Renewables but there will always be sections on some tracks that are better suited to certain activities.  Some smaller paths are maintained by the countryside rangers. For further information on track conditions please contact the rangers.

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