Parking for Blue Badge holders

Information about parking for Blue Badge holders.

Blue Badges are also known as disabled parking permits. It helps disabled drivers park closer to their destination.

Where Blue Badge holders can park

  • Free of charge on metered or pay and display on street parking and without time limits
  • On single or double yellow lines where parking is allowed
  • Greenways where parking is allowed
  • Off street car parking such as those provided by supermarkets, hospitals and airports may have different rules 

Where Blue Badge holders can't park

  • On double white lines in the centre of the road even if one of the lines is broken
  • In a dedicated bus lane during its hours of operation
  • In a cycle lane
  • On any clearway, double or single red lines during their hours of operation
  • On all pedestrian crossings including Zebra, Pelican, Toucan and Puffin crossings
  • On zigzag markings before and after Zebra, Pelican, Toucan and Puffin crossings
  • In parking places reserved for specific users. For example, permit holders only, loading bays during times of operation and taxi bays
  • On residents' parking bays, unless there are signs showing that you can or you have checked with the Local Authority's Roads department that you can
  • In suspended meter bays or when use of the meter is not allowed
  • Where temporary restrictions on parking are in force along a length of road such as no-waiting cones
  • On school 'keep clear' markings during the hours shown on a yellow no-stopping plate

Always check roadside signs showing times of operation for loading bays. Restrictions will always be signed.

Displaying your badge

You must display your badge at all times. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the wheelchair symbols.

Misuse of your Blue Badge

The badge is for the badge holders use and benefit only. It must only be displayed if:

  • you're travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger
  • someone is collecting you or dropping you off and needs to park at the place where you're being collected or dropped

The Blue Badge can't be used to park in a Blue Badge bay if you're not leaving the car when the car is parked.

It's a criminal offence to misuse a badge. This includes people other than the badge holder taking advantage of the parking concessions under the scheme.

Last modified on 2 November 2022