Blue Badge - privacy notice

Read the privacy notice for Blue Badge.

The Blue Badge scheme supports those with a disability that impacts on their ability to safely and competently mobilise assisting them to lead an independent life. The badge provides parking concessions for on-street parking, allowing badge holders to park close to where they need to go. 

This notice explains what personal data (information) we hold about you, how we collect it, how we use it and who we may share your information with.

If we didn't ask for and use your information then it wouldn't be possible to carry out our statutory functions and process your application or provide you with a Blue Badge. We'll use your information to:

  • process your application
  • manage any Blue Badge misuse or fraud
  • analyse the use of the Blue Badge scheme

Data Protection Legislation sets out the lawful basis for processing personal data.

We've statutory functions to process applications in terms of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons' Act 1970 and The Disabled Persons (Badges for Motor Vehicles) Scotland Regulations 2000.

In this case, as a public authority we gather and process information necessary to allow us to undertake our legal duties in line with our public task and statutory functions.

Where we process special categories (sensitive) of personal information about you, the processing is necessary for the purposes of carrying out obligations and exercising specific rights of the controller or of the data subject in the field of social protection law as set out in Article 9(2) (b) of the GDPR and meets a condition in Part 1 of Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Without the correct information we might not be able to confirm who you are and therefore discuss information relating to any services we provide via the Blue Badge scheme. It's important that we hold accurate and up to date information.  If any details have changed or change in the future, you should inform us so that we can update our records and ensure that they remain accurate.

Most of the information we holds about you will come from you as an individual. Some of the information may come from other departments. Such information includes:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Current address
  • Previous address (if different from the last 3 years the when previous badge was issued)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • National Insurance number
  • Your photograph
  • Contact details such as telephone numbers and email addresses for issuing of reminder renewal notifications
  • Person and residence proofs you provide - we'll keep a secure note of the proofs you provide
  • Eligibility proofs - proof of eligibility entitlement
  • Desk Based Assessment (DBA) if you don't qualify for a badge automatically
  • Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA) if you're needed to attend

We'll not keep your information for longer than is necessary. In some instances the law sets the length of time information has to be kept. We've a Retention Schedule (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window) , which sets out how long we hold different types of information.

Your information will be shared with the following organisations in order to process your application:

  • NEC Software solutions - for securely storing your personal data and processing applications
  • APS Group - responsible for the Printing, fulfilment and delivery of the badge
  • Valtech Limited - who deliver the Blue Badge service on behalf of the Department for Transport

We'll also share your information within our other services and bodies responsible for the following purposes:

  • auditing or administering of public funds
  • to detect fraud and for the prevention of crime
  • to protect the integrity of the Blue Badge scheme
  • to investigate any potential misuse of a Blue Badge

Depending on why we need to process your information you'll have rights to how your information is used. More information about your rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, can be found within our main privacy policy.

If you've concerns about the processing of your personal data by us, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing, visit the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website (opens new window) .

Please contact us if you need this information in an alternative format.

This notice will be kept under regular review and was last updated on the 22 January 2021.

Last modified on 23 November 2022