Request a bulky uplift

Request and pay for large items to be collected. This includes white goods, mattresses and suites.

Service information

Use this service to request and pay for large items to be collected and taken to a household waste recycling centre. 

We'll collect items such as: 

  • white goods
  • kitchen appliances and furniture 
  • bathroom fittings  
  • bedroom furniture   
  • doors and windows 
  • flooring  
  • garden materials 
  • electrical items

Visit our 'Items for bulky uplift' web page for more information on what we can pick up.

The items you request to be collected should be manageable for a 2 person crew in a 15 minute time slot. If you think your items will take longer than 15 minutes, contact Customer Services to request a ground clearance.  

We can't uplift: 

  • tyres
  • oil
  • car batteries 
  • fluorescent lights (1 or 2 is acceptable if mixed with other general items) 
  • anything containing asbestos 
  • items longer than 10 ft in length 
  • gas canisters 

Residents can take items to a recycling centre free of charge. Visit our 'Recycling points and centres' web page for more details.  


The fee is £50 for a standard request.

Before you start

You need to provide us with a list of items you want us to uplift. You can't add any additional items to your list after your request has been submitted.  

For insurance reasons, we'll only uplift the items on this list. 

Bagged items like rubble and tiles must be in the appropriate strength bag or double bagged. 

You need to tell us where outside the items will be left for us to uplift. We'll not enter properties including garages to uplift items. 

Valid card details are needed as you must pay for this service as part of your online request. 

How to request 

Our next available slots will be available from 2PM Tuesday 19th October

What happens next

Once booked, your collection should take place between Wednesday and Friday of the following week. Please note during busier periods this could take up to 10 days

White goods are collected separately and may be collected at a different time and day to any other general items.

Last modified on 15 October 2021
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