Request a bulky uplift

Request and pay for large items to be collected. This includes white goods, mattresses and suites.

Booking slots are now closed.

In order to protect our crews, residents are reminded that due to Covid-19, if a booking has been arranged and individuals within the household either become symptomatic and/or need to self-isolate while waiting for items to be collected, they should contact Customer Services to cancel the booking. 


The charge is £35.23 for a standard request. This is based on 2 crew members being able to uplift all items within 15 minutes.

Larger uplifts

If your uplift is likely to take more than 15 minutes you should request a ground clearance.

To request a ground clearance contact Customer Services:


Phone: 0141 577 3001

When will you collect my large items?

If you book a collection by 2pm on a Tuesday, the collection will take place between Wednesday and Friday of the following week.

During busy times this can take up to 7 days.

White goods

White goods are collected separately and may be collected on a different time and day to any other general items.


  • You need to provide us with a list of items you want us to uplift
  • For insurance reasons, we'll only uplift the items on this list
  • You can't add any additional items to your list after your request has been processed
  • We can't dismantle any items


  • Tyres
  • Oil
  • Car batteries
  • Fluorescent lights (1 or 2 is acceptable if mixed with other general items)
  • Anything containing asbestos
  • Items longer than 10 ft in length
  • Gas canisters

Recycling centres

You can also dispose of your items at your nearest recycling centre.

Last modified on 19 January 2021

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