Contaminated land

Find out how to report contaminated land.

How to report contaminated land

You should report cases of contaminated land to the Environmental Health department:

Phone: 0141 577 3782


Our duties


  • decide if an area meets the legal definition of contaminated land
  • act as enforcing authority for contaminated land site. This is unless it meets the definition of a 'special site'. In this case Scottish Environmental Protection Agency is the enforcing authority
  • keep a public register of contaminated land in the area

Contaminated land and planning

We also review planning applications for land that might be contaminated.

We might need to carry out an inspection of the land. We'll decide if the land is suitable for the purpose and any action that needs to be taken.

Contaminated land fee

£50 per hour plus any analytical costs.

Last modified on 19 May 2020

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