Register a birth

Find out how to register a birth.

Service information

Use this service to register a birth.

Before you start

You must register a birth within 21 days.

If your baby was born in Scotland, you can register the birth at any registration office in Scotland.

Who can register a birth?

Either parent if:

  • married to each other
  • in a civil partnership

The mother if parents are:

  • unmarried
  • not in a civil partnership

Both parents must be there to include both names on the birth certificate.

A relative can register a birth in exceptional circumstances. Contact a registrar if you need more information about this.

How to register

Contact the Registrars team.

What happens next

You'll be given an appointment to attend and you'll need to bring:

  • your notification card from hospital
  • a marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)

Documents we'll give you

  • Abbreviated birth certificate
  • Form EC58, which lets you register your child with a GP

There's no cost for these documents.

Last modified on 6 April 2021