Business Waste charges

Charges to collect waste and recycling from businesses in East Renfrewshire.

Business Waste Refuse Collection Charges

Container uplift charges (weekly)
Red trade sack£2.99 per sack
*Plastic wheeled bin 140 litre£2.99
Plastic wheeled bin 240 litre£5.91
*Plastic wheeled bin 360 litre£8.42
*Steel wheeled container 500 litre£10.99
Steel wheeled container 660 litre£14.18
Steel wheeled container 1280 litre£20.69
Additional Uplift Refuse£50

Weekly leasing charges

*Plastic wheeled bin 140 litre 80 pence
Plastic wheeled bin 240 litre88 pence
*Steel wheeled container litres 500 litre£2.68
Steel wheeled container 600 litres£2.68
Steel wheeled container litres 1280 litre£2.76

*We no longer lease 140 or 360 litre plastic wheeled bins and 500 litre steel wheeled bins to new customers.

Business Waste recycling charges

Recycling collection charges (fortnightly)
Paper recycling sack£2.39
Glass and cans recycling box£2.39
Plastics recycling bag£2.39
Plastics, glass and cans bin 240 litre £4.36
Paper and cardboard bin 240 litre £4.36
*Food waste bin 240 litre £5.91 weekly*
Contaminated Recycling Bin Uplift Charge£50
Last modified on 5 October 2022

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