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Bins, recycling and rubbish

Business waste

2019/20 charges to collect waste and recycling from businesses in East Renfrewshire.

How to apply

pdf icon Application Form- Duty of Care Agreement [63kb]

pdf icon Direct Debit Mandate [222kb]

Commercial waste collection charges 2019/20

Container uplift charge

Container charges
ContainerWeekly charge
Red trade sack2.88 per sack
Plastic wheeled bin 140 litre£2.88
Plastic wheeled bin 240 litre£5.70
Plastic wheeled bin 360 litre8.12
Steel wheeled container 500 litre£10.60
Steel wheeled container 660 litre£13.68
Steel wheeled container 1100/1280 litre£19.95

Weekly leasing charges

ContainerWeekly charge
Plastic wheeled bin 140 litre £0.77
Plastic wheeled bin 240 litre£0.85
Steel wheeled container litres£2.58
Steel wheeled container 1100/1280 litres£2.66

We no longer lease 360 litre plastic wheeled bins or 500 litre steel wheeled bins.

Trade recycling charges

Recycling collection charges
Paper, cardboard and cartons 48 litre bag£2.30 fortnightly
Glass. cans and plastics 55 litre box£2.30 fortnightly
Glass, cans and plastics 240 litre bin£4.20 fortnightly
Paper, cardboard and cartons 240 litre bin£4.20 fortnightly
Food waste 240 litre bin£5.70 weekly

pdf icon Download Commercial Waste Charges 2019/20 (PDF) [89kb]

Free recycling collection

Businesses which produce more than 500 litres of general waste per week are entitled to free recycling collection.

To use this service you need to register with SEPA as a waste carrier .

pdf icon SEPA Waste Carriers' registration form [59kb].

Special commercial uplifts

The charge is £27.50. This will be added to the standard uplift charge for the container.

For waste not in a container, please contact the Business Waste Team for a quote.

Contaminated recycling containers

If your container can't be collected due to contamination, there will be a charge of £27.50 to remove it.

This is in addition to the standard uplift charge for the container.

Related information

pdf icon Commercial Waste Terms and Conditions [90kb].