About school admissions

Information about school admissions and placing requests

Each residential property located within East Renfrewshire has a 'catchment' non-denominational and Roman Catholic primary and secondary school assigned to it

If you live in East Renfrewshire or are moving into the authority you should apply for a 'catchment' place at the Primary or Secondary school associated with your property.

If you don't live in East Renfrewshire or wish your child to attend a school out with your catchment area you should complete a placing request application.

Read our schools admission policy and placing requests guidelines (PDF) [384KB]  before submitting an application.

Apply for a school catchment place

Apply for a school placing request

Catchment areas

You can find out the schools associated with a property within East Renfrewshire Council if you Search the catchment area maps.


Last modified on 10 April 2024