Apply for an access protection marking

Find out how to apply for or refresh an access protection marking (solid white lines).

Service information

Use this service to apply for an access protection marking.

Access protection markings are single white lines painted on the road in front of driveways and other accesses. They can deter vehicles from parking across an entrance to off-street premises, private driveways or where kerbs have been dropped to provide a convenient crossing place for pedestrians.

The access protection marking is advisory only and is not legally enforceable. The marking may act as a deterrent but the applicant should be aware of its limited effectiveness in solving the issue.

Before you start

Read the conditions which must be considered when making your application.

How much does it cost?

The charge for an installation or refresh of an access protection marking is £222.25.

How to apply 

Apply online

What happens next?

We'll assess your application and the submitted evidence and aim to respond within 4 weeks. We'll also consider nearby parking restrictions and any possible road safety issues.

You'll be advised if your application has been approved and where to send your cheque payment.

On receipt of your payment we'll arrange for the marking to be installed by our road marking contractor.

If your application is refused you will be contacted and informed of the reason why.

Last modified on 1 April 2023