East Renfrewshire road maintenance investment given the green light

In an ongoing effort to maintain and improve roads, East Renfrewshire Council has today (13 May 2021) approved an additional investment of £3million for roads and pavement resurfacing across the local authority.

Turnberry Drive, Newton Mearns

Published: 13 May 2021

This programme, which will see improvements at 73 sites across East Renfrewshire, will be carried out over and above the existing annual roads resurfacing works which were approved by the Council in March 2021.

All of East Renfrewshire's roads are assessed and reported on nationally each year. The Council is currently ranked second in Scotland for the condition of its A class roads, which are classed as the most important routes for residents and visitors. B and C class roads are better than the Scottish average for both categories.

In its 2019/20 budget, the Council committed an additional £15m capital investment for roads infrastructure over the following 5 years. The 2021/22 roads maintenance programme will use the additional £3million of resources to improve the condition of roads throughout East Renfrewshire.

The Council's A and B class road network is classed as in a relatively good condition so the majority of the additional £3m allocation for 2021/22 has been directed towards residential roads.

A number of factors are taken into consideration to prioritise which roads are chosen for the programme each year. This includes the structural condition of the road or pavement, usage, maintenance costs for previous years, public feedback and geographic spread.

Roads and pavements in this year's additional works programme cover a wide area across the whole authority including: Robertson Street in Barrhead, Hillside Road in Neilston, Evan Drive in Giffnock, The Oval in Stamperland, Overlee Road in Clarkston, Humbie Road in Eaglesham and Broom Road in Newton Mearns.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, Leader of East Renfrewshire Council, said: 'It's great to hear our A class roads are continuing to rank high in Scotland, and our B and C class roads are performing better than the Scottish average. We want to continue to improve on our ranking so I am delighted my fellow Councillors today agreed to further invest in roads in East Renfrewshire. We listened to the public's views and feedback when choosing the roads and pavements for this year's works, and the improvements will make a significant difference to our transport network. Despite the difficulties that Covid-19 has presented, we were still able to complete 35 road resurfacing projects in 2020/21. The additional investment for this year will not only be beneficial to our residents but vital to our local economic recovery as businesses re-open following Covid-19 and we see an increase in footfall as more people return to East Renfrewshire to work and visit.'

Full list of resurfacing works:

Road resurfacing  

B773 Darnley Road & Dovecothall roundabout, Barrhead                                       

B775 Gleniffer Road (Old Barn junction)                                                                   

Ralston Road, Barrhead                                                                                            

Colinbar Circle, Barrhead                                                                              

Park Avenue, Barrhead                                                                                             

Rockmount Avenue, Barrhead                                                                                  

Cogan Street, Barrhead                                                                                 

Robertson Street, Barrhead                                                                                      

Campsie Gardens, Clarkston                                                                                    

Patterton Drive, Barrhead                                                                                          

Craigton Drive, Barrhead                                           

Ochil Drive, Barrhead                                                                                    

Hillside Road, Barrhead                                                                                 

Cheviot Avenue, Barrhead                                                                                        

Fintry Crescent, Barrhead                                                                                         

Hillside Road, Neilston                                                                                               

Bank Street, Neilston                                                                                                 

Manse Road, Neilston                                                                                   

Fraser Avenue, Newton Mearns                                                                   

Chisholm Drive, Newton Mearns                                                                               

Holehouse Terrace, Neilston                                                                                     

Harelaw Road, Neilston                                                                                             

Glen Mark Road, Neilston                                                                                         

Bulloch Avenue, Giffnock                                                                             

Evan Drive, Giffnock 

Queensberry Avenue, Clarkston (Greenwood Road to Hillview Drive)                    

Hathaway Drive, Giffnock                                                                             

Stratton Drive, Giffnock                                                                                 

Penrith Avenue, Giffnock                                                                                          

Ruthven Avenue, Giffnock                                                                                        

Douglas Avenue, Giffnock                                                                                        

The Oval, Stamperland (including Orchy Drive/Gardens)                                        

Benview Road (Seres Road to A727 Clarkston Toll, Clarkston)                              

Greenwood Road, Clarkston (Richmond Ave to Eaglesham Rd)                            

Vardar Avenue, Clarkston                                                                                         

First Avenue, Netherlee                                                                                 

Hillview Place, Clarkston                                                                               

Lothian Drive, Clarkston                                                                                            

Moray Drive                                                                                                   

Overlee Road, Clarkston                                                                               

Linwood Avenue, Clarkston                                                                                       

Rockburn Drive, Clarkston                                                                                        

Gordon Road, Netherlee                                                                                           

Richmond Avenue, Clarkston                                                                                       

B764 Eaglesham Moor Road, Eaglesham                                                                

Broomfield Avenue, Newton Mearns (Castlehill Drive to Castleton Drive)

Sandringham Avenue, Newton Mearns                                                        

Broom Rd, Newton Mearns                                                                           

Castleton Grove/Avenue/Gate, Newton Mearns                                                       

Craighlaw Avenue, Waterfoot                                                                                   

Paidmyre Road, Newton Mearns                                                                  

Newtonlea Avenue, Newton Mearns                                                             

Humbie Road, Eaglesham (Floors Rd roundabout to Bonnyton Moor Rd roundabout)

Beech Avenue, Newton Mearns                                                        

Over Enoch Road, Eaglesham                                                                                  

Park Farm Road, Eaglesham                                                                                    

Floors Road, Waterfoot                                                                                             

Titwood Road, Newton Mearns                                                                                 

Blackwood Hill Road (The Dunwan Road), Eaglesham       

Pavement resurfacing   

Glen Creran Crescent, Neilston                                                                                

Glen Falloch Crescent, Neilston                                                                                

Waulkmill Avenue, Barrhead                                                                                     

Moray Drive, Clarkston                                                                                              

The Oval, Clarkston                                                                                                   

Torburn Avenue, Giffnock                                                                                         

C1 Mearns Road, Clarkston (A727 Busby Road to Flenders Road part only)        

Benview Road, Clarkston (Seres Road to A727 Busby Road)                           

Lothian Drive, Clarkston                                                                                

Rockburn Drive, Clarkston                                                                            

Campsie Gardens, Clarkston                                                                                                      

Kenmure Road, Newton Mearns                                                       

Sandringham Avenue, Newton Mearns                                                        

Gordon Crescent, Newton Mearns

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