Find out about the adoption process, the criteria and how to take the next steps.

Adoption provides a new life long family for young people who can't be brought up by their birth family.

Adoption is a legal process. Parental rights and responsibilities transfer to the young person's adoptive family.

Who needs an adoptive family?

We've babies, children and young people of all ages who are waiting to find an adoptive family. This includes brothers and sisters who need to be placed together.

The young people will come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The children may be living with foster carers. Attempts to return them their birth family will be at an end.

Many of the children will have an unsettled start in life. Their experiences may have impacted on their health, development and confidence.

An adoptive family can provide love, stability and sense of belonging to the young person.

Who can adopt?

The young people waiting for adoption come from a variety of backgrounds, so we're looking for a diverse range of adoptive families.

Adoption criteria

  • Over 21 years old
  • Healthy enough to care for a young person into adulthood
  • No upper age limit but your age will affect the age of young person you adopt
  • Single, married or living together
  • Different or same sex relationship
  • No children, birth children and adopted before
  • You don't need to own your own home
  • Working or not working
  • Have no convictions against children

You also need to have time, compassion and patience, along with a sense of humour and lots of love.

Support in adoption

When you care for a child, they'll continue to have their own social worker until an adoption order is granted. This support can be longer if you want it.

You'll receive support from your own link worker. They'll help with the practical and emotional everyday tasks.

You'll also get support from Adoption UK. They offer both individual and group support sessions.

Financial support

You could qualify for an adoption allowance. This usually when adopting older children with additional needs or brothers and sisters.

More information

If you'd like any more information or would like to speak to one of our team email

Last modified on 16 February 2024