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Whitelee windfarm

Walking at Whitelee

Whitelee is a popular destination for walkers, offering numerous routes of varying lengths and terrain to suit most ability levels, interspersed with historical sites, points of interest and a variety of wildlife to spot. Walking is a great way to see the windfarm that affords visitors the time to stop at one of the many benches for a brief seat or just to take in one of the spectacular views from the site.

there are 90 km of paths at Whitelee

Site Map/Routes

For a site map and popular route guides for all pursuits please see our  Route Maps page.

The pdf icon map of whitelee [4Mb] shows the variety of the paths around the windfarm, if you want to choose your own route around the site.  Every turbine is numbered both onsite and on the map, making navigation easier and it is recommended to always take a copy of the map with you if exploring Whitelee off the main routes.


The main circular route at this time is the Lochgoin Circuit which is just over 8 miles in length and starts and finishes at the visitor centre. This route is signposted at all junctions along its length. Over time more waymarked routes will be provided. From this route it is possible to detour off to visit the Blackwood Hill viewpoint which is route marked from the Lochgoin Circuit. The viewpoint on top of Blackwood Hill has a purpose built viewpoint with drystane walling, seating and a toposcope that provides details of the prominent landscape features that can be seen from the site out to 100 miles. On clear days the vistas from the viewpoint to Ailsa Craig, Arran, Ben Lomond and further are stunning.

Please see our Route Maps page for popular routes or download the site map to pick your own way around the site.

Whitelee Stroller Striders

The Whitelee Countryside Ranger Service run a weekly parent and baby walking group that meets every Tuesday to take on a healthy walk. Please see our Whitelee Stroller Striders page page for more information.

Dog Walking

Bringing your dog with you on a visit to Whitelee is a great way to exercise your four-legged friend while also enjoying the access opportunities the windfarm provides. All areas of the windfarm are open to dog walking but owners are requested to keep their pets under 'close control' at all times and to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in relation to responsible dog walking.

Dog waste bags and bins to deposit them in when used are provided at the visitor centre and Ardochrig entrances, as well as around the Lochgoin Circuit. Please be aware if walking your dog on the Lochgoin Circuit that there is a livestock grazing area on the route with cattle grids on entering / exiting.

Please see our handy 'Whitelee Dog Walking Leaflet' in the Related documents section for further information on responsible dog walking at Whitelee as well as some useful tips to help you and your dog enjoy your visit.

Commercial Dog Walking

Commercial dog walkers are welcome at Whitelee but are requested to always have the animals under their care under 'close control'. Dogs running as a pack off the lead or causing concern or a nuisance are not welcome and commercial dog walkers should ensure that dog waste is cleared from paths, amenity areas etc.

Routes suitable for wheelchair access and buggies

Many of the tracks at Whitelee are accessible by wheelchair / mobility scooter users but some sections of track can be rougher and potentially unsuitable.

The following routs are suited to mobility scooter use and buggy's:

  • Lochgoin Circuit
  • Ardochrig

Mobility scooter and wheelchair users can visit turbine 40, the first turbine from the visitor centre, but wheelchair users are advised to assess the return leg back up the hill to the visitor centre before descending, to make sure it's possible to make the return journey.

Mobility scooter users should ensure their machine is well maintained and has a full charge before attempting to traverse longer distances in the windfarm.

Route cards detailing the above routes will be made available on our Route Map page soon.

Other routes are accessible by mobility scooter but we would advise you to contact the countryside rangers for further information.

Path Conditions

Please be aware that track conditions vary through the site. Monitoring of the track quality and a maintenance program is continually carried out by Scottish Power Renewables but there will always be sections on some tracks that are better suited to certain activities.  Some smaller paths are maintained by the countryside rangers. For further information on track conditions please contact the rangers.

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