Buildings and monuments

Find out about listed buildings and scheduled monuments in East Renfrewshire.


There's 5 scheduled monuments in East Renfrewshire. These are:

  • Arthur's Cross, Arthurlie
  • Duncarnock Fort, Newton Mearns
  • Polnoon Castle, Eaglesham
  • Deils Wood Cairn, Eaglesham
  • Dunwan Hill, Eaglesham

What's a scheduled monument?

A scheduled monument is an important archaeological site or historic building, given national protection against change.


There's 138 listed buildings in East Renfrewshire. The listed building register identifies each of these properties.

Contact the Development Plans team to be sent a copy of the listed building register.

What's a listed building?

A listed building is one of special architectural or historic interest and is considered to be of national importance.

If you own a listed building you'll need to apply for listed building consent from the Development Plans team for any works that'll alter the character of the building or structure.

Last modified on 7 April 2021