Conservation areas

Find out about conservation areas in East Renfrewshire.

Conservation areas are of special considered worthy of preservation or enhancement because of their special architectural or historic interest.

Conservation areas won't necessarily prevent any new development. However, new developments will need to demonstrate that it won't harm the character or appearance of the area.

Most works to the outside of an existing building or structure in a conservation area will need planning permission.

It's an offence for any person to damage or destroy any tree in a conservation area, unless 6 weeks' notice has been given to the Development Plans team.

East Renfrewshire has 5 conservation areas within:

  • Eaglesham
  • Busby
  • Giffnock
  • Upper and lower Whitecraigs in Newton Mearns

Contact the Development Plans team for a copy of our conservation map.

Last modified on 7 April 2021

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