Business development grants 2020 to 2022

Between now and the end of December 2022, there's grant funding available to develop and strengthen businesses based and trading within East Renfrewshire.

East Renfrewshire Small Business Assistance Grants  

These grants are provided as part of our East Renfrewshire Business Support package and open to businesses located and trading in East Renfrewshire.

The Council asks all businesses to adopt Fair Work practices and encourages payment of the Living Wage.

ERDF Growth Grant Funds (£1,000 to £10,000) 

These grants are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and provide a 50% match-funded grant from £1,000 up to £10,000 to support small and medium sized businesses in meeting their business objectives and plans for growth.  Eligible businesses can apply for a grant based on their predicted annual turnover of:

  • At least £50,000             £ 1,000 Grant - Open to all businesses
  • At least £150,000           £ 5,000 Grant - Open to established businesses trading
  • At least £250,000           £10,000 Grant - Open to established businesses trading

Funding can support the purchase of new equipment, tooling costs, property extensions or improvements.  It can support exhibiting at home or overseas and developing new products or processes.  It can also be used for marketing and digital activities, innovation or research and IT hardware purchases (excluding laptops, tablets or mobile phones). 

Special Growth Grant (up to £50,000)

This grant is funded by East Renfrewshire Council to support applications up to a maximum grant of £50,000 with 50% match funding.  

Businesses should have a turnover in excess of £500,000 and a workforce of at least 10 employees and be looking to grow income and workforce by at least 10%.

Funds can be used flexibly but restrictions will apply.

East Renfrewshire Tourism Grant (up to £5,000)

This grant is funded by East Renfrewshire Council to support applications up to a maximum grant of £5,000 with 50% match funding.

Funding can support innovative and collaborative tourism activities to increase visitor numbers and tourism revenue to East Renfrewshire.  Funds can be used flexibly for marketing and promotional activity between 3 or more tourism businesses within East Renfrewshire.

Get to Zero - Green Jobs Training (Up to £1,000)

This grant is funded by East Renfrewshire Council to support applications up to a maximum grant of £1,000 and 50% match funded. 

The grant will be capped at £500 per employee to up skill workforce in green technologies and energy efficiency systems.  This includes the installation and maintenance of new solar thermal technologies, rain / grey water systems / energy efficiencies in traditional gas / oil systems etc.

SBA Get to Zero Grant (up to £5000)

These grants are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and provide a 50% match-funded grant of up to £5,000 to contribute towards measures such as:  

  • Low energy heating and lighting systems  
  • Improved Insulation roof and building  
  • Solar / Ground / Air Source Heat or Solar Thermal technology  
  • Waste Management / Recycling  
  • Equipment that demonstrates a significant energy saving through its installation 

Micro Grant Funds for businesses turning over less than £50,000 per annum 

Small businesses can apply for one grant per year under the following categories:

Equipment Grant (Up to £500) 

Towards one piece of equipment / tooling / computer hardware that will enable the business to grow and develop.  Match funding is not required.

E- Commerce Grant (Up to £500)

Towards development of E-Commerce activity that will increase the ability of a micro business to trade better through digital selling platforms (excluding Facebook advertising). Match funding is not required.

Training Grant (Up to £500)

50% match funded towards CPD / Training for key staff at VQ level 3 or above (or equivalent).  Capped at £100 per staff member and mandatory training requirements will not be eligible.

Health and Wellbeing Grant (Up to £250)

Towards businesses developing a health and wellbeing policy for their workforce.  Business must have one or more FTE employees other than business owner. Match funding is not required.

Tried and Tested Grant (Up to £250)

towards ideas testing of products and processes.  Outcome must include an options appraisal to provide rationale for going forward. Match funding is not required.


In general, grant funds can't be used towards:

  • Equipment / software etc. already purchased.  We are unable to approve any grants where the purchased or order has already been made.
  • The purchase of furniture and consumables
  • The purchase of laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Routine property maintenance
  • Development and marketing of information websites and brochures etc,  which lack a clear focus on e-commerce development
  • Facebook marketing / advertising
  • Purchase and installation of off-the-shelf software packages (e.g. Microsoft Office software, standard Sage packages etc.)
  • Purchases made via hire purchase, lease or other finance agreement
  • Employee wages
  • Vehicles
  • General purchase of stock
  • Business running or monthly costs or routine maintenance
  • To qualify for some of the grants, the business must operate from a commercial premise within East Renfrewshire

How do I apply?

Applications for all grants should be made in the first instance by completing Icon for word a grant proposal form [13.16KB] and returned by email to Read our Icon for pdf application guidance [523.57KB] for more information. 

What happens next?

All grant proposal forms will be reviewed and following initial eligibility criteria being met, an application form will be sent out requesting more detail about the project.  Once this further detail is received, applications will be assessed and a decision made, usually within 14 days. 

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Last modified on 21 June 2022