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List of groups, clubs and societies

Find out what groups, clubs and societies exist in East Renfrewshire.

Eastwood Writers

Ms Pamela Duncan Email:

Flair Gymnastics club

Mr William Smith Email:

Giffnock 1935 Badminton Club

Mr Maurice Paterson Phone: 0141 637 2690 Email:

Giffnock Curling West

Mr Alan Smith Email:

Giffnock South Parish Church Tuesday Club

Ms Brenda Williams Email:

Heart for Art

Ms Maureen Digby Phone: 01324 718674 Email:

Historical Adventures Ltd

Mr David O'Rorke Phone: 07812 437559 Email: david.o'

In Cahootz

Ms Suzanne Brady Email:

Include Me 2 Club

Phone: 0141 881 0544; Email:

La Jolie Ronde French for Children

Ms Susan Cunningham Phone: 0141 639 8871 Email:

MACS Cross Arthurlie - breakfast club

Mearns After School Care Service Phone: 0141 887 0002 Email:

Maxwell Mearns Castle Church Playgroup

Ms Fiona Waugh Phone: 0141 639 4169 Email:

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