Greenhags Recycling Centre

Find out the address of Greenhags Recycling Centre, opening hours and the materials we accept.

    Online booking system

    The booking system at our household waste recycling centres in Greenhags and Barrhead provides various control measures, allowing us to ensure that only East Renfrewshire residents can use the facilities and that traffic on site and in the surrounding areas is safely managed. It also helps us monitor miss-use at the site and prevent commercial companies tipping, which in turn reduces our waste disposal costs.

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    Using the online booking system is the quickest way to secure a slot, but if someone doesn't have online access they can contact us for help.


    Greenhags Recycling Centre
    Ayer Road
    Newton Earns
    East Renfrewshire
    G77 6RY 

    Opening times

    Greenhags is open 7 days a week, all year round except: 

    • Christmas Day
    • Boxing Day
    • New Year's Day
    • 2 January
    Summer1 April to 30 September8am to 7.30pm
    Winter1 October to 31 March8am to 5.30pm

    What can I recycle at Greenhags?

    Greenhags is licensed to accept household waste and materials only for recycling.

    You can recycle:

    • waste electrical and electronic equipment (anything with a plug or battery). (all contents in fridge/freezers must be removed).
    • fluorescent tubes and low energy bulbs
    • IMF, chipboard and laminates
    • white goods
    • scrap metal
    • wood
    • car batteries
    • household batteries
    • engine oil
    • garden waste
    • cardboard
    • small amounts of chemicals
    • gas bottles/canisters (for a household BBQ or patio heater, for example)

    You can also recycle everyday items such as paper, glass, cans, food plastics, drink containers or cartons.

    What we don't accept

    • commercial gas cylinders
    • tyres
    • fire extinguishers
    • commercial fridges 
    • car/van loads of building material/rubble
    • food waste
    • Asbestos - we can accept asbestos at Barrhead (1 x heavy duty bag, double bagged and sealed per car)

    If you're taking larger items of garden waste in a van or trailer to the site please cut these to a size that would fit in a car as larger items can cause issues with the compactor.

    Proof of residency

    Greenhags Recycling Centre is for East Renfrewshire residents only. When you visit the site, you must bring proof of where you live. For example, your driving licence, council tax or utility bill.

    Safety and security

    To ensure your visit to the site is as safe as possible, please ensure the following:

    • you observe and adhere to the site rules
    • where necessary ask for assistance
    • always carry manageable loads
    • always wear suitable footwear for the site
    • be aware of soundings and vehicle movements
    • When skips are getting exchanged your trip on site may be longer due to Health and Safety requirements when the exchange is in taken place.

    Business waste

    We don't accept business waste at Greenhags Recycling Centre.

    Last modified on 1 October 2021
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