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Find out how to register a death.

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Use this service to report a death.

Before you start

Deaths which have occurred in Scotland should be registered within the statutory period of 8 days from the date of occurrence.

If the death was in Scotland, you can register the death at any registration office in Scotland.

Who can register a death?

You can register a death if you:

  • are a relative to the person who has died
  • were present when the person died
  • are an executor or solicitor of the person who has died
  • lived with the person who died, if they died at home

If you're none of the above, but no one else can register the death, you can register the death as long as you:

  • know the details of the person who has died
  • have the right documents

How to register

Contact the Registrars team.

What happens next?

Due to new legislation registrations of a death can continue to be carried out remotely. We'll guide you through the process over the phone. 

Your GP, hospital doctor or funeral director will be aware of the new procedure and will email all relevant documentation to

We will then get in touch you to give further information and to support you through the registration process. Our aim will be to contact you within 5 working days of being notified of a death. 

We appreciate this is an extremely difficult time. If you need more information, contact us.

Face to face appointments

Face to Face Appointments are now available at our Council Offices at Barrhead and Giffnock.

Please note you will need the The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) issued by the doctor or hospital who certified the death (this should already be with the Registrar prior to your call) and you'll need to contact us to make an appointment before attending the office.

Documents we'll give you 

  • Abbreviated Death Certificate 
  • Form 14 - This will be sent directly be email to the relevant Funeral Director
  • Tell Us Once Information Sheet with Reference Code

There's no cost for these documents.

Full Extracts can be purchased at a cost of £10 per extract. This will be offered during the telephone call.

Last modified on 6 October 2023