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  • Broom, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk Community Council

    Information about Broom, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk Community Council.

  • Neilston Community Council

    Information about Neilston Community Council.

  • Council's community benefit helps Include Me 2 Club

    £4000 donation made to local charity

  • Gaming machines licence

    Apply for a gaming machines licence.

  • Covid-19 information for staff

    View the latest updates and information internally.

  • Whitelee wildlife

    Discover what plants and animals have already been recorded at Whitelee.

  • 30 day stress awareness challenge

    April is Stress Awareness Month and the HSCP is highlighting this to support residents who are experiencing increased levels of stress and to raise awareness of...

  • Environmental health - privacy notice

    Read the privacy notice for environmental health.

  • Orienteering and geocaching

    Fancy making your visit to Whitelee a little more challenging? Find out about other ways to enjoy the scenery on foot.

  • Retailers in East Renfrewshire pass the challenge 25 test

    East Renfrewshire Council's proactive approach to stopping young people from buying harmful cigarettes and vaping products is having a positive impact.

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