Other licences

Information on licences, notifications and authorisations you can apply for.

You can view a list of our most popular applications at the bottom of this page. However, you can also apply for the following if you contact us directly:

  • Metal dealer licence
  • Cooling tower notification
  • Hypnotism authorisation
  • Fireworks licence
  • Theatre licence
  • Sex shop licence

Caravan and campsite licence

Apply for a caravan and campsite licence.

Charity collections licence

Apply for a charity collections licence.

Entertainment licence

Apply and pay for an entertainment licence.

Indoor sports entertainment licence

Apply and pay for an indoor sports entertainment licence.

Late hours catering licence

Apply and pay for a late hours catering licence.

Market operator's licence

Apply and pay for a market stall licence.

Petrol licence

Apply and pay for a petrol licence.

Public processions, parades and demonstrations

Details of licensing requirements for public processions.

Second hand car dealer's licence

Apply and pay for a second hand car dealer's licence.

Second hand goods licence

Find out how to apply for a second-hand dealer's licence.