Supervision after prison

Find out about Throughcare supervision.


When you're sentenced to custody, the type of sentence may mean that you'll will be released on a licence.

You'll be supervised by a Criminal Justice Social Worker to ensure that you keep to the conditions of the licence and you're supported to resettle into the local community.

Types of Throughcare licence include:

  • a parole licence 
  • a non-parole licence 
  • a life licence 
  • an extended sentence 
  • Section 15 supervision
  • Supervised Release Order 

Do I have a say about the work I'll do during Throughcare supervision?

Your supervisor will develop a risk management plan to help you address your reasons for offending and to look at issues that could place you at risk of further offending. This may include referring the offender to work with addiction services, adult learning or employment support staff.

What will I have to do during Throughcare supervision?

If you're supervised in the community after your release from prison you must attend regular meetings to address your offending behaviour.

Your licence lists the conditions that must be kept. However, if you make good progress on a licence it may be possible to reduce the amount of contact you have with your social worker.

What will my supervising officer do during Throughcare supervision?

Your supervisor will help you understand your offending behaviour, and promote responsibility and techniques to remain free of offending in the future.

Your supervisor will make sure you're given every opportunity to successfully complete your licence. This includes addressing problems such as housing, unemployment and addiction issues.

If you don't meet the conditions of your licence or if you commit any further offences, the social worker will notify the Parole Board.

What happens at the end of the supervision period?

Most licences include a date when supervision will end.

Last modified on 2 June 2021