Youth Voice

Young people can have a say in the issues that affect them and their local community.

Youth voice

Youth Voice is a group used to platform young people's opinions and provide the opportunity to help them influence senior decision makers. Here they support each other to campaign and host events on issues which may affect them and their local communities.

Youth Forum timetable

Youth Forum

The Edge Youth Facility, Newton Mearns

Tuesday6:30pm to 8:30pm

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs)

Youth workers support MSYPs to work with and represent young people at the Scottish Youth Parliament. 

MSYPs are elected by their peers on a 2 year term. They listen to the issues that are important to young people and campaign for change. They make sure young people have their say with decision makers. 

Young people can contact their local MSYP to discuss issues important to them.





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Last modified on 12 April 2023