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Council performance, statistics and spending

Housing performance information

An overview of performance in our housing services.

Service Overview

East Renfrewshire Council has continued to invest in our housing stock to bring it up to the new Scottish Housing Quality Standard. The money collected from tenants for rent is used for this investment. We are meeting target for the proportion of our homes that are energy efficient, and customer satisfaction shows an improving trend. In comparison to other councils we perform well for the average time taken to complete non-emergency repairs. However, we do not perform well in relation to rent arrears and a full review of all former tenant arrear balances is currently being undertaken.

How the public can get involved?

In October 2014 Housing Services published the Customer Engagement Strategy. The strategy outcome is to ensure that all customers of Housing Services have the opportunity to participate and influence decision making. The strategy provides customers with a range of ways to engage with Housing Services and ensures this information is used to improve performance. In August 2014 Housing Services undertook a tenant survey, which found that 83% of tenants were satisfied with the overall service provided.

This table details how well the Council and partners are doing to provide residents with easier access to key housing services. Housing Services' key performance measures

Performance indicator

Previous performance


Current performance


How well we are doing?

Percentage of stock meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard97%97%Performing just below target.
Percentage of council dwellings that are energy efficient.99.9%99.9%Performing just below target
Percentage of rent due lost through properties being empty during the last year.0.8%0.9%Performing just below target
Average length of time taken to complete non-emergency repairs.75.2 Target exceeded.

To find out more about how East Renfrewshire is performing in comparison to other Scottish councils visit the mylocalcouncil tool and our benchmarking page.

What are we doing to improve performance?

Housing Services have undertaken a review of the rent arrears and collection service and are in the process of implementing changes to staffing, procedures, IT systems and performance monitoring. 

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