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Children's Hearings Scotland

Published: 18 January 2021

Children's Hearings Scotland is looking for people who care about making a difference in the lives of children attending hearings in Scotland.

The qualities you use every day are exactly what Scotland's infants, children and young people look for in a Panel Member.

A Panel Member's role is to listen and make legal decisions with and for infants, children and young people, and to ensure that the young person is at the heart of every decision taken.

There's no one type of person or background that makes the ideal Children's Panel Member. What you do need are certain qualities, such as being a good listener, caring, compassionate, and reliable.

You will receive extensive training so that you are fully capable, and comfortable, making decisions at a hearing in the best interest of a child or young person.

Children's Hearings Scotland is dedicated to recruiting a Children's Panel that represents Scotland's communities, and so to ensure a balanced panel they are looking for more applicants 18 - 30 years old, as well as more male Panel Members.

If you are passionate about driving positive change in your local community, then this is a volunteering role for you.

Find out more on the Children's Hearings Scotland website.

Last modified on 6 January 2022