Council Leader's statement on RAAC

Councillor Owen O'Donnell confirms no East Renfrewshire Council properties contain RAAC

Published: 18 September 2023

The Council was tasked with identifying and developing a Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Management and Remediation strategy. 

We received guidance on how to carry out this process from the RAAC Estates Guidance published in 2022.

A desktop investigation was undertaken by our experienced and skilled Technical services team. 

As per the Government guidance, we used the age of the properties to identify assets that might require a site inspection for potential RAAC. 

Any properties that fell within the build date of 1930s to 1990s were identified for inspection. 

We were mindful that several of our properties have multiple build dates due to upgrade and or extensions. 

We also used data from historical intrusive surveys that enabled us to positively identify the roof make-up and structure. 

The buildings that had a type of roof or structure that potentially could be made from RAAC were inspected closer.   

This involved invasive survey work whereby tiles were removed or access taken via ceilings hatches until we were confident that the roof make up was not RAAC. 


We have carefully followed the guidance issued by the Government's estates guidance and we are therefore comfortable we have no RAAC present within any ERC properties. 

To ensure further compliance we have engaged with a Structural Engineering company (Cowal Design) who will double check the investigation work carried out by our Technical officers is correct and confirm the findings we already have, that we have no RAAC within East Renfrewshire Council properties. 

Last modified on 18 September 2023

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