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Appeal a council tax reduction decision

Find out how to appeal a council tax reduction decision.

How to appeal

You need to put your appeal in writing by post or email.

Explain why you think the decision is wrong and include any evidence.


You must appeal within 2 months of the decision letter date.

What happens next

Someone who wasn't involved in the original decision will look at the appeal.

We'll respond within 1 calendar month.

If you're still unhappy with the decision

If we look at your appeal and you still think the decision is wrong, you can ask for an independent review. You can only ask for this once we've carried out an internal review.

The Council Tax Reduction Review Panel can carry out another review.

You need to apply to them direct. Send the request in writing to:

Council Tax Reduction Review Panel
4th Floor
1 Atlantic Quay
45 Robertson Street
Glasgow G2 8JB


Phone: 0141 302 5840


Sometimes we can pay benefits for a period before the date you made your claim. This is called backdating.

You can ask us to backdate a claim but you must show a good reason for not applying earlier. For example, if you were in hospital and too ill to make the claim.

If you're of working age, we can backdate a claim for up to 6 months.

If you're of pension credit age, we'll backdate your claim automatically for up to 3 months.

Contact us


Phone:  0141 577 3002

Last modified on 5 February 2021

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