Homeless appeals

You need to appeal homeless decisions in writing within 21 days.

What can I appeal against?

You have the right to appeal:

  • our decision about your homeless application
  • an offer of temporary accommodation
  • an offer of permanent accommodation

Appeal deadline

You must apply within 21 days from the date on your decision letter.

How to apply

You should apply in writing. Tell us why you think our decision is wrong. Include any extra information or documents you have to support this.

Full details how to appeal will be on your decision letter.

You can also contact Citizens Advice Scotland and Shelter Scotland.

How we process your appeal

A senior staff member will look at your appeal with 5 working days of receiving your appeal. They'll be new to your application.

This timescale may be extended if we require further information from you. For example, we may ask you to come in for another interview.

You can bring someone with you to the interview. You can let us know if you need an interpreter or support.

Last modified on 28 May 2021