East Renfrewshire schools

Information about our schools.

In East Renfrewshire, all schools are organised into 7 clusters containing a high school, associated primaries and nursery facilities. Schools in these clusters work together to ensure a high quality of education for children and young people.

Our Education department provides an education service for the local area through:

  • 7 secondary schools
  • 24 primary schools (13 of which have nursery classes)
  • 10 family centres
  • 1 school for children with additional support needs
  • 1 school for Gaelic Medium Primary Education

Cluster schools

Name of cluster and high schoolPrimary school
BarrheadCarlibar Primary
Cross Arthurlie Primary
Hillview Primary
EastwoodCrookfur Primary
Mearns Primary *
Neilston Primary
Uplawmoor Primary
Mearns CastleCalderwood Lodge Primary
Eaglesham Primary
Kirkhill Primary
Maidenhill Primary
Mearns Primary *
St Luke'sSt John's Primary
St Mark's Primary
St Thomas' Primary
St Ninian'sOur Lady of the Missions Primary
St Cadoc's Primary
St Clare's Primary
St Joseph's Primary
WilliamwoodBusby Primary
Carolside Primary
Netherlee Primary
WoodfarmBraidbar Primary
Giffnock Primary

Thornliebank Primary
Bun-sgoil GhĂ idhlig  

*Most of the Mearns Primary catchment is associated with Eastwood High School and the rest with Mearns Castle High School.

Inspections reports

Education Scotland inspection reports for our schools and pre-5 establishments are available on the Education Scotland website. 

Visit the Education Scotland website (opens new window).

Last modified on 9 May 2024