Report an abandoned vehicle

Find out how to report an abandoned vehicle.

Service information

If you believe a vehicle is abandoned please follow the steps below to check before reporting it. If you still think the vehicle is abandoned and report it to us we'll then carry out a number of further checks and take appropriate action if necessary.

Before you start

Check if the vehicle is untaxed or declared as SORN (Statutory off road notice). If it is then report it to the DVLA. An untaxed vehicle may not automatically be assumed to be abandoned.

  • If the vehicle been involved in a road traffic collision, burnt out, stolen or part of a crime scene we can't take any action where Police Scotland or an insurance company has ongoing input.
  • If the vehicle is uninsured, causing an obstruction, in a dangerous condition or may be stolen, report these to Police Scotland on their non-emergency number, 101. Don't touch or enter the vehicle if you think it has been used for a crime.
  • If the vehicle is on a road, or car park operated by East Renfrewshire Council contact us by completing our  Environmental Health enquiry form below.
  • If on private land contact the land owner as they will be responsible for the removal.

When a vehicle may not be abandoned

  • Causing a nuisance or annoyance
  • Sold on the street as part of a business
  • Involved in a local parking dispute
  • Poorly parked / obstructing access or a driveway
  • Untaxed or no valid MOT certificate
  • Broken down or possibly been recently involved in a road traffic collision
  • Old/ historical vehicle.

When may a vehicle be abandoned? 

There are a number of signs that may indicate a vehicle is abandoned:

  • Flat tyres or removed wheels
  • Smashed windscreen/ windows
  • The vehicle structure is in a poor state of repair
  • Missing number plates
  • The vehicle is full of rubbish
  • Not been moved or used for a considerable time

How to report an abandoned vehicle

If you still believe the vehicle to be abandoned please contact  providing as much detail as you can. You can include supporting documentation such as photographic evidence to assist us with our investigations.

What happens next?

The Environmental Health Service will start enquiries, however this can take a few weeks as we need to demonstrate that there is 'no ownership' of the vehicle and that it is abandoned. We then place a legal notice on the vehicle, photograph this and once the timescale on the notice has expired we will arrange for the vehicle to be removed. If we confirm ownership, we will make contact with the rightful owner to discuss further.

Last modified on 16 July 2024