How we support carers

A step-by-step guide for carers, from when you make contact to reviewing your plan

Where support is requested to help you continue caring for someone, an initial assessment (Carers Support Plan) will be undertaken by the 'front door' team who have the right skills to identify the appropriate support.

Our 'front doors' are points of contact to access support, advice and initial assessment to determine targeted intervention. This assessment may also be undertaken by East Renfrewshire Carers Centre.

The contacts are the Initial Contact Team (Adult) on 0141 800 7850 or Request for Assistance Team (Children) on 0141 577 8300. 

Through this assessment you will be assisted to consider your assets and identify what you want to achieve (outcomes).

Assets are the collective resources which individuals and communities have at their disposal, which protect against negative outcomes and promote independence and wellbeing.

Outcomes describe what an individual wants to achieve. These are realistic goals that the person receiving care and support can work towards.

The assessment will also identify any risks to your daily living, health and wellbeing, applying East Renfrewshire HSCP Carers Eligibility Framework (see related links). An assessment may also be offered to the person you support.

This assessment will be reviewed and approved by one of our team managers, who will help ensure all risks, needs and outcomes have been identified.

In East Renfrewshire, we are fortunate to have a wide range of local and national organisations, clubs and community groups,  including East Renfrewshire Voluntary Action and East Renfrewshire Carers centre who are well-placed to support individuals to live well within their community. You can also get support from the Talking Points network on 0141 876 9555 or by email:

To help maintain independence, particularly where risks are assessed as Low to Moderate on the Carers Eligibility Framework, we will help you make contact with community resources that can support you to reduce these risks.


Where risks are assessed as Substantial or Critical, further assessment and consultation with relevant professionals may be needed to help us fully understand your circumstances.

Using the information gathered through assessment and in discussion with you, an Individual Budget will be generated which represents a fair share of the available limited resources.

A Carer Support Plan will be developed in collaboration with you, the person you care for and those involved in their support network which considers short and long-term supports, community resources and the individual's assets to meet the identified risks, needs and outcomes.

We will support you to consider all options of support under Self Directed Support (SDS).

Once a support plan is agreed this will be considered by our Resource Enablement Group to ensure the plan has considered all available support and best uses the available funding.

We will meet with you and those involved in your support network to review your support plan to hear how this is working and consider any changes that might be needed to help you achieve your outcomes. We will normally meet for the first review 4-6 weeks after your support begins. You should have a review at least once a year, this may be more frequent based upon your circumstances. You can ask for a review at any time.


Last modified on 24 January 2024