Whitelee access restrictions

Find out what areas of the windfarm are off limits to help you plan your trip safely.

As Whitelee is a working windfarm and commercial forest, there will be times when temporary restrictions are needed for public safety. Where possible, alternate routes will be provided and signposted for visitors.

Current restrictions

Heavy Lift Operation Turbine 210 - 8am 29 May  until  5pm 31 May 2024

ScottishPower Renewables will be carrying out heavy lifting operations on turbine 210 within the south west area of Whitelee. Tracks around this turbine will be closed entirely for the duration of the works.

Forest Harvesting Operations - Whitelee Hill North - Whitelee II - 27 May for 3 months until 31 August 2024

Forestry & Land Scotland will be carrying out major harvesting operations in the area north of Whitelee Hill. Tracks around this work area will be closed entirely for the duration of the works.  View the access notice and map here. (PDF) [1MB]

A diversion will be in place, and signposted in the area. For your health and safety please do not go into the restricted area. Forestry & Land Scotland apologise for any inconvenience.

HGV operations at Quarry near High Alderstocks

There will be ongoing extraction operations at the quarry located near High Alderstocks, resulting in increased HGV activity along many of the surrounding tracks.  Please follow local diversions and access advice where appropriate.

Turbines 1, 5 and 7

Visitors here are asked not to park vehicles in the area, or any of the lay-bys along the road to Lochgoin Farm, as they're not within the windfarm and are on private land.

Vehicle access to this area isn't included in normal access rights and due to recent incidents the landowner has had to withdraw permission to park here. Visitors can still visit the area on foot or by bike.

Carrot Moor Farm/Myres Hill

Be aware that there are cattle in this area of the windfarm, southwest of the Myres Hill Test Centre.

We advise visitors to avoid this area if possible but if you are passing through, avoid going near the livestock. If if the cattle become aggressive, remove yourself from the area as quickly as possible.

If visiting this area keep dogs on a short lead and avoid allowing them to disturb the cattle. Further to this, if exercising, be considerate of the livestock and avoid them if possible. Slow down, do not 'spook' them or cause them to scatter as this could potentially harm the cattle.

Avoid going through the curtilage of the houses in this area and seek an alternate route that goes around the properties, not through them.


There's an issue with parking at the Carrot entrance. The lay by is largely out of use and there's little or no alternative parking.

Last modified on 30 May 2024