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Whitelee windfarm

Whitelee history

The Whitelee area is steeped in history. Learn more about the area's fascinating past before investigating for yourself.

Monument at Whitelee

Prior to the construction of the windfarm and somewhat in disagreement with what's commonly thought, the Whitelee plateau was an area heavily used by people to live and work. From farmers to foresters, crofters to weavers people have always made use of the area for hundreds if not thousands of years. With the current windfarm covering 78kmĀ²/30milesĀ² its little wonder that the area has had a multitude of uses through the ages.

The most recent incarnation for the area as the site of the UK's largest on-shore windfarm has certainly changed the fortunes of the area, opening it up to a wide spectrum of visitors through unrestricted access from the Irvine valley to Glasgow, South Lanarkshire to the coast - something that past land users could only have dreamt about.

Archaeological remains, ruins, cultural artefacts and local tales provide clues to the prior use of the area and its inhabitants who lived and worked in what is considered by many a barren and inhospitable landscape - but which is steeped in history from witches to battles from some of Scotland's most interesting historical times. Please use the following pages to learn more about the varied and interesting history of Whitelee.

Dunwan Hill

Dunwan hill is believed to be the site of an ancient hill-fort - learn more about it here


The Covenanters have a rich and interesting history and a strong relationship with the Whitelee area, but who are they?

Monuments and Sites of Interest

Information about the interesting and unusual monuments scattered throughout Whitelee windfarm


Find out why the landscape of Whitelee has played a prominent role in its habitats and human occupation including its present use as the UK's largest on-shore windfarm

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