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Bins, recycling and rubbish

Christmas and New Year Waste Collections: Please note that there should be no disruption to grey/green collections over the public holidays and collection days will remain as is. We will endeavour to operate the brown bin service on the public holidays (26 December & 2 January) however there may be a slight delay.

Four bins graphic

Your four bin service

Recycling and waste collections will change in October 2016. The majority of households will move to a four-bin service.

Find out when your waste and recycling bins, boxes and sacks are emptied.
What to do if you think we have missed your collection.
(Arrange and pay for bulky or excess household waste to be uplifted. Fridges, freezers, mattresses, suites.)
A service for the collection of any waste that cannot be recycled.
From time to time you may need to replace your bins, box or bags which have been damaged or lost.
Find out what happens to your kerbside recycling once we take it away.
How to waste less. Composting. Smart Shopping. Repair and re-use.
A chargeable service for the collection of waste and recycling from businesses in East Renfrewshire.