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Children with additional support needs

Children with additional support needs

The council has a policy of educating children with additional support needs in local mainstream school as far as possible, with advice and guidance from the council's psychological service.

Isobel Mair pupils learning to cook

Arrangements may be made to provide support through a specialist unit for some or all of your child's education. However, where a learning difficulty or a physical impairment is particularly severe, it may be better for your child to be educated in a separate special day school or residential school.

In any event, decisions on how the additional support needs of your child might best be met will be taken only after full consultation with you.

Information about additional support needs provision can be obtained from the education department. You may also obtain information about other special schools not managed by the authority to which it sends pupils. If you do not wish that your child is educated in your local catchment school, you have the right to make a placing request for your child to be educated in another school, including schools outwith the East Renfrewshire Council area.

East Renfrewshire Council operate one school dedicated to children with additional support needs, The Isobel Mair School:

If you're moving into the area and your child has additional support needs and you wish to apply to The Isobel Mair School you should contact the Education Department:

Phone: 0141 577 3246


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