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Planning and building standards

Do I need a building warrant?

You need a building warrant before you can carry out most types of building work.

Work you need a building warrant for

  • construct a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building such as a loft conversion
  • demolish a building
  • change the use of a building such as garage conversion

Structural design

If the work involves structural design, your building warrant application must include either:

  • structural calculations
  • certificate from approved certifier of design

Structural design work includes the use of steel frame, beams or roof structures.

We might need to work with some other organisations to assess some applications. These organisations include the Fire Authority, Scottish Water and SEPA.

How long is a building warrant valid for?

Building warrants are valid for 3 years.

Starting work without a building warrant

You can't start work until we approve your building warrant.

It's an offence if you do start work before we approve your warrant. You can face legal action and a fine of up to £5,000.

Work you don't need a building warrant for

Some small domestic building work doesn't need a building warrant.

Find details of work that doesn't need a warrant

Building Standards Customer Journey

The Scottish Government has developed a guide for property owners who want to carry out building work. The guide gives useful advice and helps you meet building regulations.

Download leaflet: Building Standards Customer Journey


Phone: 0141 577 3001

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