Climate change

Find out how East Renfrewshire is playing its part in adapting to Climate Change.

We're a key member of Climate Ready Clyde - a group of 16 local authorities and partner organisations across the Glasgow City Region working together to look at the challenge of adapting to the effects of climate change at a regional level.

A new strategy setting out the group's approach has now been published.

The strategy seeks to ensure Glasgow City Region's economy, society and environment isn't only prepared, but continues to grow as we adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

The strategy

  • Outlines the processes and early stages needed to manage climate risks and realise opportunities
  • Gives a strategic framework for adaptation in and by the Glasgow City Region to enable delivery
  • Sets out how we'll increase collaboration and collective impact by working together and enabling residents and local organisations to play a role in realising the vision
  • States how progress in increasing climate resilience will be monitored, reviewed and learnt from to improve policies, programmes and projects

The strategy is supported by an action plan, which contains concrete actions to be taken by the City Region (including East Renfrewshire) between 2020 and 2025.

You can find details of the strategy and action plan on the Climate Ready Clyde website.

Visit the Climate Ready Clyde website

Last modified on 30 June 2021